Origin of rare Maltese surname De Nasi/Nasis?

What nationality is the surname Maltese?


Maltese is an Italian surname, meaning literally “Maltese” or “from Malta”.

Why do most Maltese share 100 surnames?

“This means that three-quarters of the whole population carry the top 100 surnames, while the remaining 23.98 per cent – 97,076 people – share the remaining 12,210 surnames,” Dr Cassar said. This, he said, probably shows a degree of inbreeding. “That is why we suffer from a lot of chronic illnesses – such as diabetes.”

What ethnicity is the last name De?

The surname has been associated with Bengali Kayastha, Gandhabanik, Teli, Suvarna Banik, and some other communities.

How do I find the origin of my last name?

How do you find out where your surnames came from? Online, you can use Ancestry.com’s last name meaning search, whether or not you subscribe to the site’s databases. Enter your surname to learn the name’s origin and meaning, plus its prevalence in the United States, England and Canada.

What does Vella mean in Maltese?

According to the great historian Godfrey Wettinger, the surname Vella originates from Abrabic roots. In his journal titled The distribution of surnames in Malta in 1419 and the 1480s, Wettinger also pointed out that in Catalan the word ‘vella’ means old.

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