Of a death certificate and a gravestone, which record should be trusted more in determining birth date?

What is known as vital records?

Records on births, deaths, marriages and divorces are kept on both the state and the county level. These are collectively known as “vital records.” State and county offices have alphabetical name indexes for each of the different types of vital records.

Are death records public in BC?

You may be able to view the original death record online if the death occurred more than 20 years ago. Death records for British Columbia date back as far as 1872. The Vital Statistics Agency and BC Archives have made it possible to search for death records through BC Archives’ electronic index.

When were stillbirths first registered in England?

Although civil birth and death registration was introduced to Scotland in 1855, stillbirth registration did not begin until 1939.

Where can I find stillbirth records UK?

The General Register Office holds records of births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, stillbirths and adoptions in England and Wales. You can order certificates online or write to the following address. For records in Scotland, contact the National Records of Scotland.

Do death certificates show place of birth?

If the deceased was a child or a single woman, the name of the father is shown. From 1969 a death certificate also includes the date and place of birth of the deceased, and the maiden name of a married woman.

Who keeps record of births and deaths?


(1) Every Registrar shall keep in the prescribed form a register of births and deaths for the registration area or any part thereof in relation to which he exercises jurisdiction.

Are birth records public in BC?

Coverage. Civil registration in British Columbia began in 1872, although a few birth records exist prior to this date. Birth records are released to the public after 120 years, marriages after 75 years, and deaths after 20 years.

How many death certificates do I need in BC?


​In BC only two places are likely require an original Death Certificate, any bank/credit union (closing accounts or opening an estate account), and BC LTSA (Land Title & Survey) when changing ownership of property. Outside of BC or Canada an original may also be required.

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