My Full DNA: Whole Genome Sequencing with mtDNA from dante labs

How much does it cost to sequence your whole genome?

Based on the data collected from NHGRI-funded genome-sequencing groups, the cost to generate a high-quality ‘draft’ whole human genome sequence in mid-2015 was just above $4,000; by late in 2015, that figure had fallen below $1,500. The cost to generate a whole-exome sequence was generally below $1,000.

Can I get my entire genome sequenced?

Today, Nebula Genomics offers 30x Whole Genome Sequencing for $299. This makes us the most affordable DNA testing company that is offering Whole Genome DNA Sequencing and genomic data analysis.

What is SP Dante labs?

Dante Labs is a genetic testing and data analysis company specialized in Whole Genome Sequencing. Our mission is to make advanced genetics accessible to everyone. We help rare disease patients end their undiagnosed Odyssey thanks to whole genome sequencing.

Does whole genome sequencing include mitochondrial DNA?

Mitochondrial DNA whole genome sequencing detects pathogenic point mutations and single large-scale deletions with heteroplasmy levels in the mtDNA, that contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction. Nuclear gene variants that may cause mitochondrial dysfunction are not detected by this analysis.

Is genotyping the same as genetic testing?

Though you may hear both terms in reference to DNA, genotyping and sequencing refer to slightly different techniques. Genotyping is the process of determining which genetic variants an individual possesses.

Is genome sequencing worth it?

For people experiencing a health-impacting condition, DNA sequencing can provide a precise diagnosis which might affect the medical management of symptoms, or provide treatment options. Another advantage of genome sequencing is that information regarding drug efficacy or adverse effects of drug use can be obtained.

How is having your genome sequenced different from genotyping?

Genotyping is a process to investigate or determine variation in a gene or individual while sequencing is a process to study or investigate the whole sequence or gene. Genotyping studies ‘change’ within the sequence which is known while sequencing studies ‘the whole sequence’ of interest.

Does 23andMe sequence whole genome?

No, their DNA tests do not sequence your genome.

The type of testing technology used by 23andMe,, and similar companies test less than 0.1% of your genome. Their tests, which are called genotyping microarray tests, do not sequence your genes and do not test your whole genome.

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