My family tree on Ancestry..I cannot find this feature any more “Find a person in this tree”

How do you find someone on a family tree?

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

  1. Sign into Family Tree Lite ( and tap Find.
  2. Tap the kind of search you want to use: Name. …
  3. Tap Find.
  4. Review the results.
  5. If you do not find the person you want, tap Refine Search to modify your search criteria.
  6. In the search results, tap the name of the person.

How do I find a specific person on Ancestry?


  1. Go to the Member Search page (or from any page on Ancestry, choose the Search tab and select Member Search).
  2. Select Name or username or Research interest.
  3. Enter information and select Search.
  4. Select the name or username of someone who appears in the list. To contact them, select Message.

Is there a way to see your entire family tree on Ancestry?

After selecting View all, select a name to see a particular version of that person.) To see a whole tree or save someone to your tree, select Tools in the top-right corner and choose View in Tree or Save to Tree. To contact the tree owner, select their username at the top of the tree or profile page > select Message.

Why has Ancestry changed its format?

We’ve recently made changes to the look and feel of the site to improve consistency, improve accessibility, and boost legibility. These changes are intended to help make the Ancestry website easier for all people to use. This visual refresh is based on extensive interviews, testing with users, and community feedback.

Is FamilySearch and Family Tree the same?

The free FamilySearch website is home to the world’s largest online family tree. Known as the FamilySearch Family Tree, this shared family tree is home to information about more than 1.2 billion ancestors, which has been contributed by millions of descendants.

How do I search my Family Tree on FamilySearch?

Find Relatives Using the Tree Search. If you want to search for a relative who may be in the Tree (even if you haven’t used the Family Tree before) you can go to FamilySearch, and under the Search tab, choose Family Tree. From here, you’ll either need to log in or create a free FamilySearch Account.

How do you find a missing person on ancestry com?

If you don’t know the missing person’s name, instead of entering their name in the panel, click List of all people in the panel, then scroll through the list to find someone who may be the missing person.

How do I search my family tree on Ancestry app?


  1. Open a tree in the Ancestry® app.
  2. At the top of your tree, tap the search icon .
  3. Start entering a name and tap on the right one when it appears. …
  4. To see them in your tree, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and select View Tree (iOS) or View in Tree (Android).

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