Missing pages from a ship’s manifest?

How do you find the manifest of a ship?

Use Form NATF 81or order online to obtain copies of inbound Federal passenger arrival manifests for ships and airplanes, 1820-1959. Passenger arrival and departure records dated post 1957 were filmed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and the original paper records were not retained.

What was the list of immigrant names from the steamships called?

The Immigration Passenger Lists – ca1891 to 1957

Then in 1906, this became the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. The records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) are called Immigration Passenger Lists.

How do I find out if my ancestors came through Ellis Island?

At the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration and on the Foundation’s website you can explore your family heritage by searching nearly 65 million passenger records and ship manifests, examining information collected at debarkation points.

What does do mean on passenger lists?

ABBREVIATIONS- To save time, inspectors often used terms like “above,” “same,” “ditto” or even an abbreviation of “do” to indicate a repeated entry. O. ARRIVAL DATE- If your ancestor arrived in a census year, note the arrival date to determine if it was before or after the census was taken. Page 5.

Are passenger lists public?

You can search by passenger name and view scanned images of the passenger lists. Ancestry is a subscription database. It is available for free public use at all National Archives research facilities and many public libraries.

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