Meaning of job recorded as “USAF – AFSC#29430”?

In the Air Force, enlisted jobs are known as “AFSCs,” or “Air Force Specialty Codes.” The Air Force divides their AFSCs (enlisted jobs) into the following overall categories: Operations. Maintenance & Logistics. Support. Medical & Dental.

What does AFSC mean in Air Force?

Air Force Specialty Code

Each digit contains information about the person in the job
But in the Air Force, a job is referred to by an Air Force Specialty Code, or AFSC. It’s a five-digit alphanumeric code for enlisted Air Force personnel, four digits for officers, sometimes modified with additional characters for more precise identification.

Can you choose your AFSC in the Air Force?

Air Force Jobs List: A List Of All 135 AFSC’s In The Air Force (2022) When enlisting in the Air Force, all new recruits are able to select a job, called Air Force Specialty Codes, or AFSC’s.

What is primary AFSC?

A Primary AFSC (PAFSC) is the designation for the specialty in which the individual possesses the highest skill level and is, therefore, the AFSC that he or she is best qualified to perform. The Duty AFSC (DAFSC) reflects the actual manpower position the Airman is assigned to.

What is a 16g AFSC?

AFSC: 16Gx. Develops and writes Air Force, joint services, or combined plans, programs, and policies. Uses broad operations background and understanding of the entire spectrum of Air Force operational doctrine and employment in multi-functional areas of responsibility to satisfy mission objectives.

What is services AFSC?

Manage and direct Force Support programs, operations and retail operations. Establish and supervise facilities that provide food, lodging and sports among others. Manage a budget for a variety of services. Determine effectiveness of service and retail operation programs.

What is the AFSC for first sergeant?

(As of Sept. 30, 2020)

8C0 Amn and Family Readiness Center NCO 224
8D1 Language and Culture Advisor 1
8F0 First Sergeant 2,497
8G0 USAF Honor Guard 285

What Air Force job travels the most?

13 Air Force jobs that provide the most travel

  1. In-flight refueling specialist. Also called an in-flight refueling technician, in-flight refueling specialists ensure that aircraft vehicles have enough gasoline while in the air. …
  2. Loadmaster. …
  3. Pilot. …
  4. Flight operations specialist. …
  5. Pararescue. …
  6. Doctor. …
  7. Legal. …
  8. Band member.

How many jobs do you have to list for Air Force?

5 jobs

During Air Force Basic Military Training you’ll get a chance to sit down with a job counselor and they will give you a list of the available jobs in your aptitude area to fill out. To my knowledge they have always required 5 jobs, but this isn’t guaranteed and can change.

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