Marine Corps Muster Roll abbreviations

What is a muster roll in the Marines?

Muster Rolls are quarterly or monthly reports of personnel attached to a particular unit or station. US Marine Corps Muster Rolls are located in Record Group 127: Records of the U.S. Marine Corps.

What does SDC stand for USMC?


Service Grade
Army Officer O4*
Navy Enlisted E6-E7
Officer O4-O5*
Marine Corps Enlisted E6-E7

Why do Marines say YUT?

“Yut.” Arguably used more often than “Oohrah” by junior Marines to express enthusiasm. Instead of “oohrah,” Marines will often just say “yut” when in the presence of motivational speeches and/or talk of blowing things up.

What does MCT mean in the Marines?

Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) is a 29-day course. The mission is to train and conduct standards-based combat skills training of all non-infantry Marines in order to ensure that every Marine is a fighting Marine, regardless of their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

What are military muster rolls?

A muster roll is the list of members of a military unit, often including their rank and the dates they joined or left. A roll call is the reading aloud of the names on the muster roll and the responses, to determine who is present.

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