Making corrections to Ancestry assumed counties attributions which are incorrect?

How do you correct an error in Ancestry?

To report a problem from a record detail page, click Add or update information or Report a problem and follow the steps to submit your correction. To report an error from a record image, click the tools icon on the right side of the page and select Report problems, then follow the steps to submit your correction.

How do I delete an incorrect entry on Ancestry?

How To Make Corrections to Records on

  1. Select “Add alternate information” on the record’s summary page.
  2. Choose the type of information you intend to correct, such as “name” or “birthplace”
  3. Choose the reason for the correction from the list of options.
  4. Type the correct information and select “Submit Alternate”

How do I correct my Ancestry ThruLines?

No ThruLines® appearing

If these things are all correct and the problem is still happening, make sure the relationships between you and your direct ancestors are correct. To check this, click on yourself in your tree > Profile > Edit (top-right corner) > Edit relationships.

How accurate is the information on Ancestry com?

Accuracy is very high when it comes to reading each of the hundreds of thousands of positions (or markers) in your DNA. With current technology, AncestryDNA has, on average, an accuracy rate of over 99 percent for each marker tested.

Does Ancestry make mistakes?

The answer is a resounding no. While your results certainly contain truths, accepting your ancestry report without additional interpretation will often lead you to confusion and inaccurate assumptions about your family’s history.

How do I edit information on ancestry com?


  1. From a family tree, click on a person’s name.
  2. In the menu that appears, select Quick edit (or in the app, Edit person).
  3. Edit a fact and choose Save.

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