Looking for emigration records from Liverpool England in 1921

Where did immigrants go when they left the port of Liverpool?

Liverpool has played an important role as the port of departure for millions of people seeking new lives in the New World countries of USA, Canada and Australia. Passengers, some of whom were emigrants or indentured servants, were carried regularly to North America and the West Indies from about 1660 onwards.

How do I find my migrated ancestors?

A great starting point is the Tracing Immigrant Origins guide (FamilySearch.org/wiki/en/Tracing_Immigrant_Origins). You can also search the wiki for information specific to your ancestors’ port of arrival or for their country of origin by searching for the wiki of that state or country.

How do I find out when my family was immigrated?

Ask your relatives what they know and see if they have any old documents that might provide information, such as birth, marriage, or death certificates; steamship tickets; naturalization papers; a family Bible; or photos that can help identify people and narrow down dates.

How do I find my Immigration records UK?

Use the England’s Immigrants database to search for records of immigrants living in England between 1330 and 1550. These records are drawn from alien subsidy returns in E 179 (see section 9.2) and letters of denization in C 67 (see section 9.4).

When did Irish immigrants come to Liverpool?


By far the greatest influx of Irish people to Liverpool came during the years of the Great Famine in the 1840s. However Irish migration into the city was not a novel occurrence. Indeed, from the early 1800s Liverpool acted as a staging post for Irish migrants on their way to North America.

How did Irish immigrants get to Liverpool?

When the Irish potato famine began, in 1845, an estimated 1.5 million desperate people crossed the Irish Sea in ‘coffin ships’ headed for Liverpool. Often, by the time they arrived in the city, a third of passengers had succumbed to disease and hunger.

How can I find my ancestors for free?

Ways to Use Ancestry.com for Free

  1. Search the free index collections, which include both US and international records.
  2. Use the free Ancestry.com card catalog.
  3. View record previews.
  4. Take a peek at public member trees.
  5. Learn from Ancestry Academy’s how-to videos.
  6. Watch Ancestry on YouTube.

Can I get a record of my travel history UK?

You can request a copy of: an electronic summary of your immigration history. landing cards we hold electronically. visa applications you submitted from outside of the UK (as part of entry clearance)

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