Locating relatives in 1920 Siberia

How do I trace my Russian ancestors?

8 Tips for Researching Genealogy in Russia

  1. Start at Home. …
  2. Note the Names. …
  3. Grasp Geography and History. …
  4. Survey the Records. …
  5. Look for Patterns. …
  6. Access Archives. …
  7. Learn a Little Language. …
  8. Trace Germans from Russia.

How do you research family history in Russia?

Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in researching your family.

  1. FamilySearch Community — Russian Empire Genealogy research group.
  2. Facebook Communities – Facebook groups discussing genealogy research.
  3. Historical Records.
  4. Family History Center locator map.

How do I find old relatives?

Historical and government records can help you trace your heritage. Use these free resources to research and build your family tree. The National Archives and Records Administration has a collection of resources for genealogists.
Research Ancestors (Genealogy)

  1. State censuses.
  2. Native American records.
  3. Pioneer certificates.

Is ancestry available in Russia?

The Russians were formed from East Slavic tribes, and their cultural ancestry is based in Kievan Rus’.

Russian: Русские
Total population
Germany approx. 7,500,000 (including Russian Jews and Russian Germans)
Ukraine 7,170,000 (2018) including Crimea
Kazakhstan 3,512,925 (2020)

What is a Russian surname?

The Top 40 Russian Surnames and Meanings

Surname in English Meaning Details and Variations
Ivanov son of Ivan female: Ivanova
Smirnov from смирный – peaceful, quiet, calm female: Smirnova
Petrov son of Pyotr female: Petrova
Sidorov son of Sidor female: Sidorova

How can I find someone in Russia?

Start with a website called the “Phone Book of Russia.” You can find people in Russia by performing a name search. Click the small link entitled “all of Russia” located at the very bottom of the “Search by Hotel” image link box.

What language is Russian derived from?

East Slavic

Origins and history of the Russian language
Russian is a member of the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic language family, along with Belarusian and Ukrainian. Like almost all European languages, it has its roots in the wider Indo-European family.

How do I get my Russian birth certificate?

Visit the Russian City Clerk’s Office

If you are already in Russia or planning to visit the country, the most direct and immediate way to procure a copy of your Russian birth certificate is to visit the local Bureau of Acts of Civil Status. This is a type of city clerk’s office, also referred to as ZAGS.

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