Jewish records in Germany, late 1700 to early 1800

How do I know if my German ancestors were Jewish?

Civil Registration Records

Records created after 1 Jan 1876 are usually kept at the local civil registration office [Standesamt] in each town or city. In some areas, civil registration records began earlier. You need to know the town where your ancestor lived before you can look for these records.

How do I find out if my ancestors were Jewish?

More resources

  1. is a genealogy website that features thousands of databases, research tools, and other resources.
  2. The American Jewish Archives is located at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and houses over ten million pages of documentation.

Where does Ashkenazi DNA come from?

The Genetic Structure of Ashkenazic Jews. AJs were localized to modern-day Turkey and found to be genetically closest to Turkic, southern Caucasian, and Iranian populations, suggesting a common origin in Iranian “Ashkenaz” lands (Das et al., 2016).

How do I find out about my German ancestors?

The two websites generally considered to be the most complete are RootsWeb and the Mormon Church’s Family Search Both are set up for searches. You can enter the known facts about your ancestor and, with luck, come up with additional details.

What is Germanic DNA?

The Germanic Europe DNA region is located in the most northwestern part of Western Europe and is adjacent to Eastern Europe and Russia, a distinct DNA region. Germanic Europe is bordered by France to the west, Sweden to the north, Poland and Slovakia to the east, and Croatia and Italy to the south.

What does it mean to have German ancestry?

French & German ancestry doesn’t only reflect ancestry from France or Germany. It also represents ancestry from one of the predominantly French or Germanic- speaking countries of Europe, including: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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