Is there an online list of Kindertransport records?

What happened to the last Kindertransport train?

The last Kindertransport train to leave Germany departed from Berlin on 1 September 1939 – the very same day that Germany invaded Poland. Britain declared war on Germany two days later. Who was rescued on Kindertransport?

Where did the Kindertransport take the kids?

They were admitted with temporary travel documents. On December 1, 1938, less than one month after Kristallnacht, the first transport left Germany. It arrived at Harwich, England, the following day, bringing 196 children from a Jewish orphanage in Berlin that had been burned by the Nazis on November 9.

When did the last Kindertransport train leave Germany?

The last group of children from Germany departed on 1 September 1939, the day the German army invaded Poland and provoked Great Britain, France, and other countries to declare war. The last known Kindertransport from the Netherlands left on 14 May 1940, the day the Dutch army surrendered to Germany.

How many Kindertransport are there?

The British government put no number limit on the programme – it was the start of the Second World War that brought it to an end, at which time about 10,000 kindertransport children had been brought to the United Kingdom.

Who is Florence nankivell?

But he was not alone. My mother, Mrs Florence Nankivell, masterminded the very first train of Jewish children to safety, this one from Berlin in the centre of the Nazi world, where she was hassled by Nazi police. A Protestant priest who was to accompany her fled in fear before the outgoing train entered Germany.

What was Bob Kirk’s real name?

Robert Kirk (9 March 1845 – 1 December 1886) was a Scottish professional golfer. He was born at St Andrews, Scotland, and died there.

Bob Kirk
Kirk (right) with Old Tom Morris on 17 May 1867 at Leith Links
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How many kids did the Kindertransport save?

10,000 children

The 1938 Kindertransport saved 10,000 children but it’s hard to describe it as purely a success.

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