Is there a specific URL at for searching and finding the publicly available data?

Can I search by address on Ancestry?

From any page on Ancestry®, click the Search tab and select Search All Records. On the Search page, enter a location in the Place your ancestor might have lived field.

Is there another website like Ancestry?

Another of the best free websites like Ancestry, is like the Wikipedia version of genealogy websites. It is the largest genealogy website with a free license, meaning that anybody can contribute to and help anyone else’s research by adding more information or editing out incorrect information.

What is the most accurate Ancestry website?

  • An impressively large record database and a user-friendly approach make this the best genealogy site overall. …
  • MyHeritage. Recent tools from the company have shown that ancestry research can be a fun, light-hearted activity. …
  • Archives. …
  • FamilySearch. …
  • Find My Past. …
  • USGenWeb.
  • Why was Ancestry discontinued?

    To do this, we wanted to deepen our focus on family history, including AncestryDNA®, which remains an important part of our commitment to family history. As we carefully considered how to maximize the impact we hope to make, we made the difficult decision in the winter of 2020 to discontinue AncestryHealth®.

    Does Ancestry have city directories?

    Collection Information

    Ancestry is home to an extensive collection of city and area directories. Directories typically contain entries for working family members and include name, occupation, and home and business addresses.

    How can you see who lives at an address?

    Whitepages. With Whitepages, the old phone book standby is on the web and ready to fulfill your information needs. Enter the address you’re investigating, and Whitepages comes back with who lives there, the owner’s estimated age, their phone number, other associated addresses, and a map of the neighborhood.

    Is ancestry com owned by the Mormon Church?

    Is Ancestry Owned by the Mormon Church? No, Ancestry is not owned or operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the LDS or Mormon church) and never has been. But it is easy to understand why people think so.

    What is the difference between FamilySearch and Ancestry? and are both great online family history services. The main difference, of course, is that is free with (largely) free access to records (records from being the notable exception).

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