Is it possible to obtain a copy of the original record from ‘Ireland Marriages 1845‐1958’

Understanding the Search Results In Ireland Civil Registration began in 1864 (non-Catholic marriages were recorded from 1845). Using the volume and page number, and other information from the index, you can order photocopies of the full register entries, for a fee, from the General Register Office.

How far back do marriage records go in Ireland?

Civil Registration: Irish marriage records

Civil Irish marriage records date back to 1845 (for non-Catholic marriages) and to 1864 for ALL marriages. (Church records are different. See Related Pages.)

Are Irish marriage records online?

The online availability of Births, Marriages and Deaths records has been extended, with a further 12 months of these records available to view online at

Are marriage records public in Ireland?

Birth, marriage, adoption, civil partnership and death certificates are public records, meaning anybody can access or apply for them. There are different types of certificate available from the General Register Office. This is a certified copy of an entry in the register.

How do I get a copy of my marriage cert in Ireland?

If you got married in Ireland (whether by civil, secular or religious ceremony) you can order a copy of your marriage certificate online (full standard certificates only), by post using an application form (pdf), or in person from at any civil registration service.

What information is on an Irish marriage certificate?

Information you need to provide

To get a marriage certificate you need to provide: full names before marriage. date of marriage. name and full address of church, civil registration office or venue where the marriage took place.

How can I find out when my parents were married?

The couple’s name, marriage date, witnesses and who performed the marriage are usually included. These are often found at the county courthouse or state archives as well as online databases such as FamilySearch, or FindMyPast.

What is the best genealogy site for Ireland?

11 Best Websites for Researching Irish Ancestors

  1. ($) …
  2. ($) …
  3. FamilySearch. …
  4. Findmypast ($) …
  5. General Register Office of Northern Ireland. …
  6. Irish Ancestors. …
  7. …
  8. The National Archives: Genealogy.

How do I research Irish ancestry?

Irish ancestry: The best websites

  1. Irish Genealogy.
  2. National Archives of Ireland.
  3. National Library of Ireland.
  4. Irish Ancestors.
  5. Irish War Memorials.
  6. Expert’s choice: RootsIreland.

When did civil registration start in Ireland?

January 1st, 1864

Civil Registration Of Birth, Marriage and Death
Civil Registration began for all of Ireland on January 1st, 1864. However, Protestant marriages (more properly Non-Catholic marriages, as they contain groups such as Jews) are also available from April 1st 1845.

When did civil marriage begin in Ireland?

Government (civil) registration of marriages in Ireland began in 1845 for non-Catholics and 1864 for Catholics. The index to civil registration is available on Findmypast. The full records reside in General Register Office.

What does of full age mean on a marriage certificate?

The names given by the bride and groom at the time of the marriage. 3. Age. The age given by the bride and groom is only as accurate as they believed it to be. If it says ‘Of full age’ it means that the bride or groom was over 21.

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