Is it common to have no close yDNA matches on Family Tree DNA?

Why do my YDNA matches have different surnames?

A Branch of the Family Adopted a Different Surname

Another common explanation for unexpected matches with different surnames is that either your or your DNA match’s branch of the family adopted a different surname at some point.

What does YDNA exact match mean?

Your exact match means your relatedness is extremely close. Few people achieve this close level of a match. All confidence levels are well within the time frame that surnames were adopted in Western Europe.

How reliable is Family Tree DNA?

Good if you’re really into DNA testing, for more user friendly options, we suggest 23andMe or Ancestry. FamilyTreeDNA offers a thorough and reliable service. The company has been doing this for a long time, so you know that you can trust them to provide accurate results.

What is considered a close DNA match?

Close Family – First Cousin

Someone who appears in this category is rarely a first cousin.

What does a genetic distance of 0 mean?

A genetic distance of zero means that there are no differences in the two results and there is an exact match. For autosomal DNA comparisons genetic distance relates to the size of a shared DNA segment. The genetic distance is then the length of the segment in centiMorgans.

What is exact match on Family Tree DNA?

An exact match is when two people have exactly the same results for all markers or regions compared.

What are YDNA markers?

Y-DNA tests specific markers on the Y-chromosome of your DNA known as Short Tandem Repeat or STR markers. Because females do not carry the Y-chromosome, the Y-DNA test can only be used by males. A female can have their father or paternal grandfather tested.

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