Interpreting relationships to head of household in 1855 New York State Census?

What is the meaning of relationship to household?

This variable describes the relationship of each person in a family to the family reference person or, where a person is not a part of a family, that person’s relationship to the household reference person.

Is there an 1885 New York census?

The New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer explains that “because of various political and bureaucratic issues, there was no 1885 census. Instead, the state took a census in 1892, skipped the 1895 census, and then resumed the pattern, conducting state censuses in 1905, 1915, and 1925.”

What years did New York state have a census?

In New York state censuses were taken every ten years from 1825-1875, in 1892, and then again from 1905-1925. This database is an index to, with corresponding images of, parts of the 1880, 1892, and 1905 censuses. Currently this database includes the following counties: 1880 (approx.

Was there an 1875 New York census?

The collection consists of images of the 1875 New York State Census as of 1 June 1875. The following counties are not included: Chemung. Clinton.

What is your relationship to the head of household?

The relationship to household head refers to the relationship of each household member to the head of the household. The other member/s of a household can be a spouse, son, daughter, other relative, or non-relative of the household head.

What do you mean by relationship to the head of the family?

Abstract. “Head of the family” is a term commonly used by family members to describe an authority position within their lineage.

Which census can I view for free?

Some transcripts of census records covering England, Wales and Scotland are available free of charge on Statistics on coverage are listed, by county, on their website.

Was there a census in 1860?

The 1860 population census was the Eighth Decennial Census of the United States. Taken every 10 years since 1790, census records provide a snapshot of the nation’s population.

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