How to locate 1860 United States census pages by address?

How do I search census by address?

To start using the address search tool, select ‘Search’ from the site menu and then ‘addresses’. You’ll be taken to our address search page where you can choose to search all record collections that recorded addresses, including the 1939 Register and most recently the 1921 Census.

Can I search by address on ancestry?

From any page on Ancestry®, click the Search tab and select Search All Records. On the Search page, enter a location in the Place your ancestor might have lived field.

How do I browse census records?

Publications related to the census data collected from are available at Visit the National Archives Web site to access 1940 and 1950 Census records. Decennial census records are confidential for 72 years to protect respondents’ privacy.

Can I search census records for free?

The National Archives has the census schedules on microfilm available from 1790 to 1940, and online access is available through our digitization partners (free at any National Archives facility).

How do I look up an address?

Go to a reverse-lookup website.

It even shows current addresses for some mobile phone numbers. Whitepages. If the phone number you’re looking for is in US public records, you’ll find its address (sometimes partial) in Whitepages. You can also pay for a deeper lookup, which may bring you better results.

How do I find my address history?

Here are some of the places you can look to find your past addresses.

  1. Check your credit reports.
  2. Pull your tax records.
  3. Search your public records.
  4. Search your online accounts.
  5. Credit and lending decisions.
  6. Job offers and employment verification.

Can I search 1911 census by address?

As well as searching for a person, you can also search the 1911 census by address – ideal for tracing your house history or exploring the local history of an area.

How do I find out who has lived in my house?

If you want to find out who lived in or owned your house there are a number of resources to help you.
Title deeds

  1. names of vendors and sellers.
  2. a description of the property.
  3. amounts of money used in the transfer of ownership.

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