How should I organise my family archive?

One good way to store paper items is placing similar-size documents together in archival-quality file folders or paper sleeves. You can place the folders or sleeves flat in archival storage boxes or upright in hanging folders. It you choose the upright option, don’t allow papers to slump inside the folder.

What is the best way to Organise family history documents?

Another option is to file genealogy papers in a file cabinet using hanging file folders and manila (or colored) file folders. Some readers have a specific notebook for each family. You can affix a family group sheet to the front of the notebook, and jot down research notes inside.

How do you organize family history binders?

This system uses one binder for each surname. Each binder begins with a pedigree chart, then is followed by a section for each ancestor in that chart. In each section are all the records for that particular ancestor, organized chronologically.

How do you organize archives?

  1. Create your organization system before visiting the archive. Write the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your system in your research log. …
  2. Use a File Naming Convention (FNC) FNC standardized naming system to give each file a unique name; name reflects the contents of the file; works for all types of files (text, image, audio, etc.)
  3. How do you store your family history?

    One of the best ways to preserve family history papers is to create digital copies of them. Digitizing documents provides a great backup plan in case of flood, fire, or other damage. It also allows you to handle the documents without damaging them. Digitizing documents and letters also allows you to share them easily.

    How do you make a genealogy notebook?

    Quote from video: Build the index before you start building chapters fill out the index as much as you can now this is total preference. You can include whatever pages you want from the bundle in your ancestor chapter.

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