How do I tell which Gramps data file goes with which family tree?

Where is the gramps database stored?

These logging files are kept in a DB Environment directory. We need a separate directory for each file, otherwise the log files can interfere with each other. In 2.2, we keep the log files under the ~/. gramps/ directory, creating a unique directory for each database.

How do I import my family tree to Gramps?

Import the data:

  1. start gramps.
  2. create a new family database.
  3. select that new database.
  4. go to menu Family Trees-> Import.
  5. in the file dialog go to the ~/pg30/nl/data directory.
  6. select the . …
  7. in the drop-down selection box you have to select “Pro-Gen” (it is not automatically selected)
  8. click “Import”

How do I backup my gramps?

From the menu select Family Trees > Make Backup… The Gramps XML Backup window will appear. You can enter the path where the backup should be stored manually or using the path selector button. You can enter a file name manually or use the automatically generated file name.

What is a .gramps file?

Gramps (formerly GRAMPS, an acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is a free and open source genealogy software. Gramps is programmed in Python using PyGObject. It uses Graphviz to create relationship graphs. Gramps.

How do I import a GEDCOM to Gramps?

To import data, select File → Import. The Import database dialog will open, asking you to specify the file you wish to import. It is important to note that the importing process is not perfect for GEDCOM and GeneWeb databases. There is a chance that some of the data in these databases will not be imported into GRAMPS.

What is a GEDCOM file extension?

A GEDCOM file is a genealogical record saved in the GEnealogical Data COMmunications (GEDCOM) format. It contains records of family history and genealogical event data, along with metadata linking the records.

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