How do I find out which group/population/part of East Asia my ancestors are from?

Who are East Asians descended from?

Contemporary East Asians descend, by and large, from humans who left Africa 50,000–100,000 years ago. But researchers know little about the ancient population shifts that have since shaped the genomes of the region’s 1.7 billion current inhabitants.

Do East Asians have a common ancestor?

Common ancestor of Han Chinese, Japanese and Koreans dated to 3000 – 3600 years ago. New research published in Hereditas has dated the most recent common ancestor of the three major East Asian ethnic groups to the time of the Shang dynasty using a genome-wide study.

What ethnicity is East Asia?

According to geographical distribution and ethnicity, East Asians can be roughly divided into three major groups: Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Although these three populations share many physical similarities, genomic studies show that the genetic makeup of the these populations differ from each other [9, 10].

What are the ethnic groups that came from Asia?

Six origin groups – Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese – accounted for 85% of all Asian Americans as of 2019. These groups together largely shape the demographic characteristics of the overall U.S. Asian population.

Are Japanese descended from Korea?

The study revealed for the Japanese as a whole, some genetic components from all of the Central, East, Southeast and South Asian populations are prevalent in the Japanese population with the major components of ancestry profile coming from the Korean and Han Chinese clusters.

How many ethnic groups are there in East Asia?


There are three main ethnic groups in East Asia: Han, Yamato, and Korean.

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