How can I search Findmypast for children born to a given set of parents?

What records are available in Findmypast?

Here’s a summary of what you can expect to find in each of those collections and how they’ll help your family research.

  • Birth, marriage, death & parish records. …
  • Census, land & survey records. …
  • Military, armed forces & conflict records. …
  • Travel & migration records. …
  • Newspaper archives. …
  • Institutional & organisational records.

How do I find my child’s ancestors?

Finding all children born to an ancestral couple

Genealogy websites, FamilySearch and MyHeritage allow you to search historical records by just the names of the parents, or even of one parent. (Ancestry and MyHeritage are both subscription sites; FamilySearch is free.)

How can I Findmypast history for free?

3. Free-to-view records. Some of Findmypast’s record collections are totally free to both search and view. Simply sign up for free to access them.

How do I print my family tree from Findmypast?

Tree sharing

Head to Family Tree -> View all trees first, then find the tree you wish to export. Hover over to the right and find the export icon, in between the settings and trash icons. The tree will export, and then you can download the GEDCOM to your computer.

How do I research my family tree UK?


  1. Step 1: Ask your family members.
  2. Step 2: Use online tools, census, registers.
  3. Step 3: Use other people’s research.
  4. Step 4: Use the free online BMD directories.
  5. Step 5: Search parish records and visit churchyards.
  6. Our own case study.

How do I find the census by address UK?

Search the UK census by address on Findmypast

From the home page, click on Search and then select ‘Addresses’ in the bottom right corner. From here you just need to type in the street name and place and the website searches across all of the UK censuses from 1841 to the 1939 Register.

Can I look up anyone on Ancestry?

With Member Search, you can search for other members of the Ancestry® community by name, username, and research interests (last names, locations, and years). Go to the Member Search page (or from any page on Ancestry, choose the Search tab and select Member Search).

How do I find if someone has children?

How to Find Out If Someone Had a Baby

  1. Ask Friends and Family. If you aren’t close enough to the new parents to receive your own announcement, ask friends or family members who are. …
  2. Use Social Media Sites. …
  3. Newspaper Notices. …
  4. Birth Records and Documents.

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