How can I link (or separate) the Civil War soldier and the photographer?

How did photography influence the Civil War?

It allowed families to have a keepsake representation of their fathers or sons as they were away from home. Photography also enhanced the image of political figures like President Lincoln, who famously joked that he wouldn’t have been re-elected without the portrait of him taken by photographer Matthew Brady.

Was the Civil War a photographer?

While photographs of earlier conflicts do exist, the American Civil War is considered the first major conflict to be extensively photographed. Not only did intrepid photographers venture onto the fields of battle, but those very images were then widely displayed and sold in ever larger quantities nationwide.

Are Civil War photos public domain?

All Civil War photographs are now in the public domain, and reproductions can be used in any fashion by anyone. Users are strongly encouraged, however, to properly credit their sources for photographs and to abide by the rules and requirements of institutions that are providing images.

Who was involved with the photography in Civil War?

In 1866, two significant publications narrated the war through imagery and word, but both initially had only limited success. George N. Barnard released Photographic Views of Sherman’s Campaign and Alexander Gardner printed the now-famous Gardner’s Photographic Sketchbook of the American Civil War.

Why is photography important in war?

And as time developed, photographers captured clearer photos of war, seeing the violence these soldiers experienced. These photos stopped many from believing that war was a path to hope and peace, and they started to suspect that war might actually simply lead to more violence.

How did photography impact history?

The inception of these visual documents of personal and public history engendered vast changes in people’s perception of history, of time, and of themselves. The concept of privacy was greatly altered as cameras were used to record most areas of human life.

Where do I find Civil War soldier pictures?

Sources of digitized Civil War photos

  • The National Archives – Pension files containing photographs.
  • The National Archives – Military records containing photographs.
  • The National Archives – Brady Photographs.
  • The National Archives – Office of the Chief Signaling Officer.

What type of photography was used during the Civil War?

The type of photography used during the civil war was known as wet-plate photography. The process of capturing photos was complicated and time consuming. Photographers had to carry all of their heavy equipment, including a portable dark room, to the battlefield on a wagon.

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