How can I learn about a Trade Union activist in the South Wales coalfield in the 1890s and 1900s?

How much did miners get paid in the 1800’s?

Even miners who had been on the job for years rarely made more than a few dollars each week — one 1902 account claimed a daily salary of $1.60 for a ten-hour shift. Today, that would be about $4.50 an hour.

What did the Molly Maguires do to improve society?

Molly Maguire, an Irish widow, in the 1840s, protested against English landlords who tried to steal peoples land. She headed a group called the “Anti-landlord Agitators” who were best known for getting in bare knuckle fights with their landlords in order to maintain their land and their dignity.

Who started the coal miners union?

President of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) from 1920 until 1960 and founding president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), John Llewellyn Lewis was the dominant voice shaping the labor movement in the 1930s.

How long did miners work a day?

Miners usually work shifts, and they can be on for 10 days in a row. Some head down before sunrise and return anywhere from seven to 12 hours later.

How old did you have to be in 1900 to work as a coal miner in Victorian England?

A haulier would guide the horses from the coal face to the mine shaft. Hauliers were generally aged 14 to 17 years of age, and size was important – to big and would not fit in the mine shafts. Boys and girls as young as 6 would open ‘trap doors’ in the tunnels whenever a cart needed to come past.

How much money would a gold miner earn in the 1860’s?

Most miners only found $10 to $15 worth of gold dust a day. Merchants quickly realized they could get rich by selling supplies at high prices to miners. Sam Brannan, a merchant who built a store next to Sutter’s Fort, made more than $2,000 a day selling goods to the miners.

What primary ethnicity were the Molly Maguires?


All writers agree that the Molly Maguires were Irish. But they disagree over the role ethnicity played in the episode. Early writers agreed with Bannan that the Molly Maguires were a secret society promoting Irish Catholic control over the region.

Who were the Molly Maguires and what did they do?

Molly Maguires, secret organization of coal miners supposedly responsible for acts of terrorism in the coalfields of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, U.S., in the period from 1862 to 1876. The group named itself after a widow who led a group of Irish antilandlord agitators in the 1840s.

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