Has a modern genealogy been traced back to a biblical person?

Can anyone trace their genealogy back to Adam?

When asked if it is possible for living people to extend ancestral lines back to Adam and Eve, Robert C. Gunderson, Senior Royalty Research Specialist, of the Family History Department, stated: “The simplest answer is No.

Can DNA be traced back to Jesus?

DNA as proof of identity

For a start, no DNA test can prove that these were bits of John the Baptist, Jesus or any other specific person. We can’t extract and analyse an unknown DNA sample and magically say that it belonged to this or that historical character.

How far back can lineage be traced?

A DNA test can trace your lineage back as far as a thousand years but won’t tell you much about who your relatives actually were. There are, however, numerous factors that go into tracing family lineages.

What is the oldest bloodline in the world?

1. The Royal Family of Denmark. The bloodline of Denmark’s royal family is not only one of the world’s oldest, but perhaps also ranks as one of the family trees that is filled with the most riveting stories and legendary figures.

What is the furthest back anyone has traced their genealogy?

In 2005, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized the Confucius genealogical line as the longest family tree in history, with 86 recorded generations over 2,500 years. The Chinese philosopher (551 to 479 BCE) is thought to have 3 million descendants all over the world [source: Zhou].

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