Handling nicknames on Ancestry.com?

Under the long listing of “Other facts” choose name. The last name will already be filled, so just enter the person’s nickname into the “First and Middle Name” field.

Can you add alternate names in ancestry?

At the top of the Facts column, click Filter and select Alternate Facts. Both the primary and alternate facts will be listed, with the alternate facts saying “Alternate.” Any gray facts listed are events in the life of their family member; to change those facts, go to that family member’s profile.

What does an asterisk after a name on ancestry mean?

Ancestry® uses the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?) as wild cards. An asterisk (*) represents zero to five characters. If you wanted to search for different spellings of the name Matthew (like Mathew and Matthiu), you could do a wild card search that would find each different ending: Mat*.

Do you have to use your real name on ancestry?

Ancestry® account

The name you enter for your Ancestry account doesn’t affect your family tree or DNA results. You should use your current legal name for your Ancestry account. Change the name on your account from your Account credentials page.

How do you record a name on a family tree?

Record names in their natural order—first, middle, last (surname). Using full names whenever possible makes lineage easier to trace. If a middle name is unknown, you may use an initial if you have one.

What does a yellow star mean on ancestry?

What is a star on a match on Ancestry? It is a match that has been added manually to the Starred Matches group on your DNA match list.

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