Handling and storage tips for old Family Bible

What is the best way to store an old Bible?

When not in use, your Bible is safest stored in a cool, dry location. Proper storage includes: Remove all loose materials between the pages of the Bible, such as pressed leaves or flowers or newspaper clippings that can result in discoloration of pages. You can preserve these items separately, if you wish to keep them.

What can I do with old family Bibles?

Often, however, an old Bible can be repaired easily, and many organizations—churches, prison ministries, and charities—are set up to recycle and reuse them. If your Bible has significant sentimental value, you might want to consider having it restored.

How do you store your Bible?

Don’t store your family Bible in a traditional wooden Bible box because off-gassing can damage the cover and pages, the American Library Association warns. Instead, order a true acid-free archival storage box from a reputable supplier, such as Gaylord, Hollinger Metal Edge or University Products.

What do you put in a family Bible?

Bibles often have items neatly tucked between the pages. Look for newspaper clippings of anniversaries and obituaries; funeral cards; pressed flowers; bookmarks; a marriage license; photos; letters, cards; and handwritten notes on scraps of paper.

How do I store my 200 year old books?

Keep the books away from heat sources like the air vents. Dry heat can crack leather spines and make book glue brittle. Also, keep them away from potential water sources like A/C units, pipes, and leaky old windows. The condensation from these water sources can lead to mold growth on the paper.

How do I fix a torn Bible page?

Quote from video: On some of these Bibles. And there trust me there's nothing you can do to make that flatten. Out you can set stacks of Bibles on this like I've did this one for a week.

Are old Bibles worth money?

In general, a Bible published from around 1820 – 2000 almost certainly has little or no value. Because Bibles published in that time period are so common today, they are easy to obtain. When a book is easy to obtain and plentiful, it’s not rare, and most times, not very valuable.

What do Catholics do with old Bibles?

Roman Catholic

There is no specifically mandated means of disposing of old Bibles. Some Catholics follow a custom of disposing of religious articles that have been blessed by either burying or burning. … If not, dispose of it as you would any other book.

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