Half Uncle possibility -fathers side

How many centiMorgans is a half uncle?


Relationship Range in percentages Range in centiMorgans
Parent / child 50% ~3719 CM
Father / son (no X sharing) 47.54% ~3536 cM
Full sibling 38% – 61% 2826 – 4537 cM
Grandparent / grandchild; Aunt / uncle; Niece / nephew; Half siblings 17% – 34% 1264 – 2529 cM

What is overlap on Gedmatch?

This simply means that there is a low number of SNPs in the region where you and your match share identical DNA. Low overlap between DNA matches on Gedmatch can often signal a low quality match – meaning that the shared DNA reported may not be significant.

How many cM do you share with a half sibling?

For half-siblings, they will typically share anywhere from 1,160 to 2,436 cMs of DNA. In other words, you and your full siblings share 50% of your DNA while your half-siblings will share 25% of your DNA.

What does DNA overlap mean on 23 and Me?

Overlap at 23andMe

An overlap simply means that two people match you on the same portion of DNA. Someone from your Mom’s side and someone else from your Dad’s side will both match you on a segment of DNA in the same location on a chromosome, shown above.

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