Given Name in parenthesis on Cemetery Stones

How do you write your name on a tombstone?

When it comes to tombstone name etiquette the order of names is generally: First Middle Last nee Maiden name (if applicable). This can be altered to include nicknames as such: First (Nickname) Last or First (Nickname) Middle Last. You can also include the maiden name in brackets like so: First Middle Last [Maiden].

What do you write on headstone?

Headstones or tombstones are markers inscribed with details about the deceased, most commonly their name, date of birth and date of death. They may also have a few extra words or short and simple verse that they themselves chose before their death or their family thought fitting.

Do you use punctuation on a headstone?

everything is fully spelled out so there is no punctuation. They don’t even put a comma in a date such as “August 24 1950”. Stones in military cemeteries (like Arlington National Cemetery) do include abbreviations but don’t use punctation.

What is an inscription on a gravestone?

An epitaph is an inscription on a gravestone.

What do you write on a monument?

Basic details

  • Name of the Deceased. The full name of the deceased is usually written at the top of the headstone. …
  • Date of Birth and Death. After the deceased’s name, the date of birth and death is the next bit of a headstone.
  • Relationship with the deceased.

Do you put female maiden name on headstone?

A tombstone is a historical document of sorts, and a wife’s maiden name should always appear. — Jeanne G. Bobrowiecki, Sunrise, Fla.

What do you put on a grave before a headstone?

5 Things You Should Leave on a Grave

  • Flowers. Leaving flowers at a gravesite is a time-honored tradition. …
  • Holiday decorations. Any grave decorations left should follow the rules of the cemetery, as mentioned above. …
  • Grave blankets. …
  • Coins. …
  • Stones. …
  • Large flags. …
  • Fencing. …
  • Vases.

What should I put on my dad’s headstone?

Here are some examples of headstone epitaphs to commemorate your dad:

  • Our loving father.
  • Beloved father.
  • Devoted father.
  • In loving memory of [insert name here]
  • Beloved by all who knew him.
  • Gone but not forgotten.

What should I put on my mother’s headstone?

67 Ideas for Short Headstone Sayings & Quotes for Mothers

  • A Mother is a Mother Still; The Holiest Thing Alive. …
  • A Mother’s Love Like and Imperishable Sun Can Not Go Out. …
  • Nothing is so Painful to The Human Mind as a Great and Sudden Change. …
  • Mom-Just a Closer Walk with Thee. …
  • An Inspiration to All.

Do you put middle names on a headstone?

Most churchyards require that the first and last names are included on a headstone, but some cemeteries do not have such strict rules and from time to time we are asked to only include the first name.

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