Getting information from closed mental institution in California, USA?

How do I find information on a hospital patient?

Contact your legal counsel or your state hospital association for further information about the application of state and federal medical privacy laws to the release of patient information. emergency department patient may be released only if the inquiry specifically identifies the patient by name.

Who closed the state mental hospitals in California?


Reagan signed the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act in 1967, all but ending the practice of institutionalizing patients against their will. When deinstitutionalization began 50 years ago, California mistakenly relied on community treatment facilities, which were never built.

Are there still mental institutions in California?

The Department of State Hospitals (DSH) manages the California state hospital system, which provides mental health services to patients admitted into DSH facilities. The department strives to provide effective treatment in a safe environment and in a fiscally responsible manner.

Why did mental institutions close?

The most important factors that led to deinstitutionalisation were changing public attitudes to mental health and mental hospitals, the introduction of psychiatric drugs and individual states’ desires to reduce costs from mental hospitals.

Can hospital give out patient information?

You may disclose personal information if it is of overall benefit to patient who lacks the capacity to consent. When making the decision about whether to disclose information about a patient who lacks capacity to consent, you must: make the care of the patient your first concern.

How is health information released?

The physician should ask the patient to sign a written authorization to release this nontherapeutic information. The written permission should be dated, state to whom the information is to be released, which information may be passed on to that party, and when the permission to obtain information expires.

What was the main problem with deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill?

Deinstitutionalization has progressed since the mid-1950’s. Although it has been successful for many individuals, it has been a failure for others. Evidence of system failure is apparent in the increase in homelessness (1), suicide (2), and acts of violence among those with severe mental illness (3).

Who regulates mental health facilities in California?


The Mental Health Licensing (MHL) Section of DHCS is responsible for the licensing and oversight of mental health programs on a statewide basis, ranging from acute to long-term programs.

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