FTDNA match list includes people who don’t appear as matches

What does an exact match mean on FTDNA?

An exact match is when two people have exactly the same results for all markers or regions compared.

What is FF on Family Tree DNA?

(FF means Family Finder).

What are Y-DNA matches?

Your Y-DNA matches

Your DNA matches can often help you with so many different family history questions. They can help you distinguish between different paternal lines with the same surname. They can help you link different surnames together (such as when the birth father’s name wasn’t attached to his descendants).

How do I read my family tree Y-DNA results?

Quote from video: There might be one or two small changes in that y chromosome. And that is going to show that our branch of the family branched off from another branch of the family you know 10 years ago.

Why do my Y-DNA matches have different surnames?

A Branch of the Family Adopted a Different Surname

Another common explanation for unexpected matches with different surnames is that either your or your DNA match’s branch of the family adopted a different surname at some point.

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