French migrants to Puerto Rico 1800-1870

Why did the French immigrate to Puerto Rico?

French immigration to Puerto Rico came about as a result of the economic and political situations which occurred in various places such as Louisiana (United States), Saint-Domingue (Haiti) and in Europe.

When did the French immigrate to Puerto Rico?

The French immigration to Puerto Rico during the 18th and 19th century came about as a result of various economic and political situations which occurred in Louisiana ( USA ), Saint-Domingue ( Haiti ) and in Europe .

Why did French immigrants come to America in the 1800s?

The reasons for the French Immigration to America were for a variety of reasons including religious and political persecution and natural disasters such as the potato blight that caused hunger and famine.

Where did French immigrants come from in the 1800s?

The large majority of thèse (35.7 million) were from Europe, especially from Great Britain (4.8 million), Ireland (4.7 million), Scandinavia (2.5 million), Germany (6.9 million), Italy (5.2 million), and other areas of south and east Europe (calculated from U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1975, Séries C89-1 19).

Why do Puerto Ricans have French last names?

French immigration from mainland France and its territories to Puerto Rico was the largest in number, second only to Spanish immigrants and today a great number of Puerto Ricans can claim French ancestry; 16 percent of the surnames on the island are either French or French-Corsican.

Who immigrated to Puerto Rico?

Immigration to Puerto Rico, 1800–1898

Included were hundreds of Corsican, French, Irish, German, Scottish, Italian, Lebanese, Maltese, Dutch, English and Portuguese families moving to the island. Some countries were represented by only a few immigrants, e.g., fifty-one Chinese immigrants during this century.

Do they speak French in Puerto Rico?

What Immigrant Languages Are Spoken In Puerto Rico? Along with the two principal languages, some other non-indigenous languages are spoken, primarily by immigrants. These languages include French, German, Italian, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, and Hindi.

Why did people emigrate from Puerto Rico?

The large migration of Puerto Ricans to the United States took place after 1945 as a result of economic changes having to do with the transformation of the Island’s economy from a monocultural plantation economy into a platform for export-production in factories.

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