Finding resting place of deceased Leicestershire clergyman?

How do you find out where someone is being buried?

You can find out where someone is buried for free by running names searches on various cemetery records databases. There are several that free with millions of records from across the world. These databases show where is someone is buried, their pertinent dates of birth and death, and often times their plot location.

Are burial locations public record?

The court found that names of individuals buried in the cemetery were death records, which are public under the state law.

How do I find out where someone is buried for free UK?

Using Deceased Online you can search UK burial and cremation registers, free of charge, by Region, County, Burial Authority, Cemetery or Crematorium. Simply enter the name of the deceased, and optionally a burial or cremation date range, and click the search button to retrieve the matching records.

Where was Richard the 3rds body found?

city of Leicester

In 2012, researchers and archaeologists found a skeleton under a car park in the city of Leicester. The remains were believed to be Richard III, the Plantagenet king who was killed at the battle of Bosworth in 1485.

Is Find a Grave free?

You can become a “Graver” yourself with the Find a Grave mobile app. It’s free and available here.

Are death certificates public record?

Death certificates are public record, so any member of the public can obtain a copy at the city or town clerk’s office where the death occurred.

How do you use Find grave app?

Quote from video: For up person or you can search by cemetery. And when you click on that it's going to just take you to a very simple search box that you can just tap and fill in the information. Again.

How do I find out who owns a grave plot?

Is the burial plot in a cemetery? If so the cemetery office or the local council should be able to tell you who owns the plot. Dependent on when the plot was first opened (ie first burial if more than one person in the grave) ownership may have reverted to the local council.

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