Finding online resource for searching Italian records?

FamilySearch. FamilySearch is the largest source of online records for Italian genealogical research (Powell). Explore the Italy research page to find records of births, marriages, deaths, Catholic Church records, censuses, military conscriptions, and more.

Is there an Italian ancestry com?

Italian Birth, Marriage and Death Records on has digitized Italian Civil Birth, Marriage, and Death records and indexes from a select number of Italian provinces, towns and cities.

How do I get my birth records from Italy?

Generally speaking, you will need to mail the municipality a written request and apply for the Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di nascita (a certified extract of the birth record).

What online resources are available to help you find the names of your ancestors?

Compiled records include family histories, online family trees, and local histories (county, state, and so on).
Family Websites

  • RootsWeb ( …
  • FamilySearch ( Click Search, and then click Search Family History Websites to begin your search.

How do I research European ancestry?

30 Free Genealogy Sites for Researching Your European Ancestry

  1. Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.
  2. Scottish BMD Exchange.
  3. LitvakSIG.
  4. The National Archives of Ireland. Download a Free Checklist of Family History Records You Can Search Now. …
  5. Avotaynu.
  6. EastEuropeGenWeb.
  7. German Genealogy Server.
  8. FreeREG.

How do I research Italian ancestry?

10 Best Websites for Italian Genealogy Research

  1. Il Portale Antenati. Antenati (Italian for “ancestors”) is, by far, the best website for Italian research. …
  2. FamilySearch. …
  3. …
  4. Surnames in Italy. …
  5. ItaliaNames. …
  6. Transcribed Vital Records of Italian Towns. …
  7. Italian Parish Records. …
  8. Calabria Exchange.

What is the most common last name in Italy?


According to this ranking, the surname “Rossi” is most common in Italy, counting around 90,000 people.

How do I get a great grandparents birth certificate in Italy?

Italian city governments, more commonly called comunes, require you to request birth, marriage, and death certificates by mail. Send your request to the city where your ancestor was born. No other city will have the record. If you don’t know where your ancestor was born, find out.

What port did Italian immigrants leave from?

During the 1800s, most Italian emigrants left through the ports of Le Havre, Marseilles, and Nice in France, and Genova, Napoli, and Palermo in Italy.

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