Finding information on ancestors who lived in the Polish Borderlands (Kresy)

How do I trace my ancestors in Poland?

Tracing Polish ancestors

  1. Research Poland’s history. …
  2. Find out as much as you can from your relatives.
  3. Ask about place of origin and religious denomination or faith.
  4. Find the name of the town or village of origin.
  5. Collect any documents, such as birth, baptism, marriage or death certificates.

Who are the ancestors of Poland?

Ethnic Poles are considered to be the descendants of the ancient West Slavic Lechites and other tribes that inhabited the Polish territories during the late antiquity period.

Where can I find Polish ancestry records?

10 Websites for Polish Genealogy Research

  • Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych (AGAD) …
  • Baza Systemu Indeksacji Archiwalnej (BaSIA) …
  • Geneteka. …
  • HalGal. …
  • Metryki. …
  • PolandGenWeb. …
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America. …
  • PolishRoots.

How do I find my family tree in Poland?

The best sources of genealogical information in Poland are the church records kept by the local parishes. The Family History Library has church records on microfilm from many parishes throughout Poland. Use the FamilySearch Catalog to determine what records are available for the locality.

Does Poland have census records?

Censuses (counts and descriptions of populations) have been taken by the various governments of Poland, primarily for population studies, taxation, or military purposes. The prime value of census records is for grouping families together.

What are some Polish last names?

The Most Common Surnames in Poland

  • NOWAK. 203,980.
  • KOWALSKA / KOWALSKI. 137,981.
  • WÓJCIK. 99,098.
  • KOWALCZYK. 97,537.
  • KAMIŃSKA / KAMIŃSKI. 94,829.

How do I find birth records from Poland?

Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Certificates

If the birth, marriage or death occurred in a village or other place in which no vital statistics office is maintained, the record can be obtained from the Communal Vital Statistics Office (lokalny Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) established for the community.

What is Polish DNA?

The level of diversity of the Polish population is low, it is quite homogeneous in terms of genetics. Most Poles – approx. 43 percent – come from the genetic line called Helena, according to the study of researchers from Lodz, who published their results in the prestigious European Journal of Human Genetics.

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