Finding Expanded Royal Family Lineages

How do you trace a royal lineage?

To be more specific:

  1. Research all your family surnames carefully.
  2. If you find records indicating where your ancestors lived, look up those residences and see if they are associated with royalty.
  3. Search for your family members in record collections that are specific to nobility and other notable historical figures.

How far back can the royal family trace their roots?

The current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, can trace her ancestral history all the way back to the 9th Century, some 1,200 years. In these 1,200 years, there have been some weird and wonderful members of the Royal Family, each with a more interesting story than the next.

Which royal family has the longest lineage?

The longest surviving dynasty in the world is the Imperial House of Japan, otherwise known as the Yamato Dynasty, whose reign is traditionally dated to 660 BC and historically attested from 781 AD.

Are there any royal bloodlines?

Royal families of the world

Of the 26 monarchies around the world, 12 are in Europe and 10 of those 12 are led by a royal family. This includes well-known royal families such as the Windsors in the United Kingdom and the Grimaldi’s in Monaco.

What is the oldest bloodline in the world?

1. The Royal Family of Denmark. The bloodline of Denmark’s royal family is not only one of the world’s oldest, but perhaps also ranks as one of the family trees that is filled with the most riveting stories and legendary figures.

How many generations back are we all related?

How far do we have to go back to find the most recent common ancestor of all humans alive today? Again, estimates are remarkably short. Even taking account of distant isolation and local inbreeding, the quoted figures are 100 or so generations in the past: a mere 3,000 years ago.

What last names have royal blood?

These Last Names May Reveal That You Have Royal Blood

  • Astley. Edward Astley a.k.a. Baron Hastings. …
  • Byron. Lord George Byron brought fame to the name. …
  • Capell. Robert Devereux may be the most infamous Earl of Essex. …
  • Clifford. …
  • Courtenay. …
  • Coventry. …
  • Dormer. …
  • Frankland.

Is the current royal family inbred?

In modern times, among European royalty at least, marriages between royal dynasties have become much rarer than they once were. This happens to avoid inbreeding, since many royal families share common ancestors, and therefore share much of the genetic pool.

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