Finding birth parents in Utah 1865

How to find adoption Records in Utah?

The Utah Adoption Registry is the only adoption registry with access to original pre-adoption birth certificate records for Utah births. No other adoption registry has access to all of the Utah original pre-adoption birth certificate records.

Does Utah have open adoption Records?

Utah law permits public access to adoption records over 100 years old (Utah Code 1953 78B-6-141 (2)(e), see also Access to Adoption Records). In addition, access will be permitted 100 years after the birth date (Adoption Records Access Amendments).

How do I get unsealed adoption records in Utah?

Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 107(a) says that certain people may request a copy of an adoption decree by making a written request and presenting the proper identification to the court. The people who are able to make this request are: the adoptive parent, or. an adoptee who was 18 or older at the time of the adoption.

How do you get a copy of your birth certificate in Utah?

Contact the birth registration team at [email protected] or call 801-538-6371 to obtain further information on how to file a certificate of live birth.

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