Finding birth-name of male Ohio ancestor who changed name in about 1926?

Are Ohio birth records public?

Ohio is an “open record” state, and vital records (births and deaths) are considered to be public records by the State of Ohio.

When did Ohio start keeping death records?


The state of Ohio began recording deaths in 1908. There are no restrictions on ordering death certificates from Ohio.

Can I view Ohio death certificates online?

The Ohio Death Record Index includes Ohio death record indexes from 1913–1944 and 1954–1970. Off-site researchers can use the online index to order copies of the death certificates. If the certificate you need is not in our index, you can order it online by using the online request form.

When did Ohio start keeping birth records?

In 1867, it became a statewide law to record births at the probate court of the county where the birth occurred. Birth records were one-line entries in ledger books listing information about the person’s birth and parents.

Can you view an Ohio birth certificate online?

Yes. Per the Ohio Revised Code, vital records registered within the state are available for public viewing and inspection. These include most marriage records, divorce records, as well as birth and death records.

How do I find public records in Ohio?

If a county doesn’t have an online database, you need to speak with the county clerk or the Clerk of Courts and put in a records request. The judiciary branch in Ohio includes: The Ohio Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals.

How do I find an old obituary in Ohio?

Ohio Obituary Indexes

  1. R. B. Hayes Ohio Obituary Index.
  2. Akron Beacon Journal Obituary Indexes – Akron-Summit County Public Libraries.
  3. Newsdex – The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
  4. Cleveland Necrology File and News Index – Cleveland Public Library.

Are death certificates public record?

A death certificate is a permanent public record of the disease or injury responsible for the death (the cause of death) and the explanation of how the cause arose (the manner of death).

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