Finding 1870 Federal Census image that corresponds to street address in Albany City, New York, USA?

Can I search census by address?

How to use address search. To start using the address search tool, select ‘Search’ from the site menu and then ‘addresses’. You’ll be taken to our address search page where you can choose to search all record collections that recorded addresses, including the 1939 Register and most recently the 1921 Census.

Was there an 1870 federal census?

The first nine censuses from 1790-1870 were organized under the United States Federal Court system. Each district was assigned a U.S. marshal who hired other marshals to administer the census. Governors were responsible for enumeration in territories. The official enumeration day of the 1870 census was 1 June 1870.

Can you search by address on Ancestry?

From any page on Ancestry®, click the Search tab and select Search All Records. On the Search page, enter a location in the Place your ancestor might have lived field.

How can I view US census records online for free?

The National Archives has the census schedules on microfilm available from 1790 to 1940, and free online access is available through our digitization partners at any National Archives facility.

How do I find my address history?

Here are some of the places you can look to find your past addresses.

  1. Check your credit reports.
  2. Pull your tax records.
  3. Search your public records.
  4. Search your online accounts.
  5. Credit and lending decisions.
  6. Job offers and employment verification.

Can I search the 1891 census by address?

As well as searching for a person, you can also search the 1891 census by address – ideal for tracing your house history or exploring the local history of an area.

How can I access the 1870 census?

Where can I see the original 1870 census schedules? Digital images are online: National Archives Microfilm Publication M593, Ninth Census of the United States, 1850 (1009 rolls), is on popular genealogy websites, including,, and others.

What happened to the 1870 federal census?

The 1870 Census was conducted under the authority of the Census Act of 1850. A new law, approved on May 6, 1870, called for two procedural changes: The marshals were to submit the returns from the population questionnaire to the Census Office by September 10, 1870; all other questionnaires were due by October 1, 1870.

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