Duplicate Identities and Persons and Incorrect Records

What problems arise from duplicate patient records?

Duplicate medical records often contain inaccurate or incomplete medical history and can lead to wrong treatments due to factors like medication, lab test results, and allergies not being mentioned. These can even cost a patient their lives.

What is a duplicate record?

[′düp·lə·kət ′rek·ərd] (computer science) An unwanted record that has the same key as another record in the same file.

What should you do to avoid a duplicate record for a patient?

Consider these strategies to help prevent duplication:

  1. Avoid rushing during the registration process, even during volume surges.
  2. Ask patients to spell their names instead of making assumptions.
  3. Meet with health information management to discuss ways to avoid duplicates.
  4. Implement consistent policies organization wide.

What are potential negative impacts of duplicate records?

Ultimately, duplicate records lead to future increases in medical malpractice claims and deteriorating loss experience for healthcare providers. The consequences can be expensive—one recent malpractice claim settlement totaled $521,560. HIIM professionals are also impacted by duplicate records.

Why do we discourage duplicate copy of result?

Unwarranted duplicate laboratory tests have been shown to increase unnecessary phlebotomy, which can lead to iatrogenic anemia and associated sequelae, such as poor wound healing and a greater risk of infections. Such tests can also decrease patient satisfaction and increase healthcare costs.

Why is it important to manage duplicate records when two facilities merge?

Why is it important to manage duplicate records when two facilities merge? Duplication of records is an issue in itself, a snow ball effect of information. Need to create plan to avoid duplication patient medical information and create plan for house cleaning of information.

What means duplicate data?

Duplicate data can be any record that inadvertently shares data with another record in your marketing database. The most visible form of duplicate data is a complete carbon copy of another record. These are the easiest to spot and usually occur while moving data between systems.

What is mean duplicate?

1a : either of two things exactly alike and usually produced at the same time or by the same process. b : an additional copy of something (such as a book or stamp) already in a collection. 2 : one that resembles or corresponds to another : counterpart. 3 : two identical copies —used in the phrase in duplicate.

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