Does prohibit freelance genealogists from charging clients for research services utilizing their platform to do the research?

Can I pay someone to do my ancestry?

Our genealogy research services are customized to meet your specific needs, and each project is priced individually after speaking with us. Depending on the complexity of your research goals, pricing may start as low as $3,000 USD.

How do I find a professional genealogist?

The best place to look for a professional genealogist who is reputable tried, and proven is the website of the Board of Certification for Genealogists. They keep a register of professional genealogists who have passed their certification course and who are offering their services for hire.

Who does genealogy research?

A professional genealogist can help you trace your ancestors. For example, a genealogist may be able to discover who your immigrant ancestors were and where they came from. Or, a genealogist can research one of your family lines back to a specific time period or individual.

Can you pay someone to do your family tree UK?

Many UK Genealogists work on an hourly rate fee or by means of fixed fee packages. Generally the hourly rate will be between £15 per hour to £50 per hour plus expenses but currently most seem to charge between £20 – £30 per hour plus expenses. When you hire a Genealogist you need to agree the charges first.

How do you charge for genealogy research?

Most professional genealogists charge an hourly rate for research or similar work. Hourly rates can vary from $30 to $40 per hour to well over $200 per hour, based on experience, location, project type and uses, demand, time constraints, and other factors.

How much does it cost to have someone research your family tree?

Their prices generally range from $79 to $199, with sales sometimes popping up throughout the year. That can get expensive, though, if you and a spouse or other family members are interested in your ancestry.

How much do genealogists make a year?

$73,099 a year

The average pay for a Genealogist is $73,099 a year and $35 an hour in the United States. The average salary range for a Genealogist is between $52,576 and $90,056. On average, a Bachelor’s Degree is the highest level of education for a Genealogist.

Is hiring a genealogist worth it?

It makes sense to hire a genealogist if you can’t access local records, translate documents in a foreign language, or interpret DNA results. Even if you have extensive genealogy research know-how, it makes sense to hire a genealogist if you simply don’t have enough extra time or money to tackle your project.

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