Did the Ryan family leave a footprint in England when immigrating to New Zealand in 1875 and 1883?

Why did English migrate to New Zealand?

From 1840 until the 1970s, Britain was the main source for immigrants. There were historical and political grounds for this – New Zealand was first a British colony and later a Dominion – but also cultural and economic reasons.

Why did the Irish immigrate to New Zealand?

One of the main reasons the Irish immigrated to New Zealand was because of the Great Famine and fear of yet another famine.

Where did Irish immigrants leave from?

Up to the 1830s the favoured route was to Canada and from there to the United States. The majority of departures were from Irish ports mainly Belfast, Dublin and Derry.

What percentage of NZ is Irish?

The total Irish ethnic population in 2018 was 17,817, equating to 0.38 per cent of New Zealand’s population, with an even balance of Irish men (8,952) and women (8,865).

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