Did Amasa Ransom from Litchfield (Connecticut) serve as sea captain during American Revolution?

How do I find out if my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War?

Search Service records to find your ancestor’s military unit

  1. Use the Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War collection on microfilm at the Family History Library. …
  2. Make a copy of the documents and record the results of the search on your Research Log.

How did CT contribute to the Revolutionary War?

Perhaps Connecticut’s greatest contribution to the war was the fact that it furnished many supplies to the Continental Army. To General George Washington, Connecticut was “The Provision State.” Items supplied Included beef, salt, flour and gunpowder.

Were there any Revolutionary War battles in Connecticut?

The Battle of Ridgefield was the only inland battle fought in Connecticut during the Revolutionary War. On April 27, 1777, British troops marched towards Compo Beach after they destroyed the supplies stored for General George Washington’s Army in Danbury.

Are there Sons of the American Revolution?

Inspiring American Patriotism Since 1889.

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history and teaching American history to future generations.

How do you know if you are a Daughter of the American Revolution?

To find out check the Descendants and Ancestor links in the GRS. If you discover a common lineage in the GRS, you may want to see the complete DAR application detailing this lineage, called a Record Copy. Electronic Record Copies may be purchased directly from the GRS.

Who served in the American Revolution?

Revolutionary War (1775–1783)

Led by General George Washington, the Continental Army consisted of individuals from every colony. The colonies also had a Continental Navy. Some 217,000 American service members fought in the Revolution, including in-state militias.

When did Connecticut declare independence?


1776–Samuel Huntington, Roger Sherman, William Williams and Oliver Wolcott sign the Declaration of Independence; large majority of Connecticut people under Governor Jonathan Trumbull support the Declaration. 1777–British troops under General Tryon raid Danbury.

Who won the Battle of Groton Heights?

Facts about the Battle of Groton Heights

Edmund Eyre and consisted of about 800 Soldiers. Casualties – American casualties were estimated to be 85 killed and 60 wounded. British casualties were estimated to be 52 killed and 145 wounded. Outcome – The result of the battle was a British victory.

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