Derivation of the Irish surname Hamil (is it from Hamuel in the bible)?

Where does the name Hamil come from?

The name Hamil is a nickname type of surname Anglicized from the Gaelic name O’hAdhmaill, which means active.

Is Hamil an Irish name?

Irish: variant of Hamill.

How did surnames originate in Ireland?

Until about the 10th century in Ireland, surnames were not passed down from generation to generation. Instead, surnames were patronymic, or based on someone’s father’s name. A person was identified by his given name plus “mac,” meaning “son of,” followed by his father’s name.

Did the Irish invent surnames?

1. Surnames developed in Ireland as early as the tenth century, making them among the first in Europe.

What does the name Hamil mean?

Meaning of Hamil: Name Hamil in the Arabic origin, means Carrier, Bearer. Name Hamil is of Arabic origin and is a Boy name. People with name Hamil are usually Hindu by religion.

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