Definition of profession: coasterman

What is the simple definition of profession?

A profession is a type of job that requires advanced education or training. Harper was a teacher by profession. Only 20 per cent of jobs in the professions are held by women. Synonyms: occupation, calling, business, career More Synonyms of profession.

What your profession definition?

The definition of a profession is a job, or what you do for a living. A lawyer is an example of a profession. When you work as a teacher, this is an example of a situation where education is your profession. noun.

What is the meaning of profession occupation?

Occupation. Profession. Meaning. Occupation refers to the regular activity performed by a person to earn his bread and butter. A profession is an occupation or vocation which requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the specific field.

What is meant by profession in commerce?

All those economic activities that involve the rendering of personal service of specialized and expert nature based on professional training and skill and require the observance of certain rules and regulations are termed as Profession.

What are the 5 professions?

The Top 5 Most Trusted Professions

  1. Firefighters. A 2009 poll conducted by market research institute GfK found that firefighters ranked as the most trusted profession in Europe and the United States with 92 percent of respondents fining them trustworthy. …
  2. Teachers. …
  3. Doctors/Nurses. …
  4. Postal Workers. …
  5. Armed Forces.

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