Deciphering word related to Farrier occupation in 1881 Census?

What occupation was a Carter?

Carter: driver of a horse-drawn vehicle used for transporting goods.

What was a carrier occupation?

Carters, Carriers and Carmen. In the Middle Ages farmers tended to carry their own produce to their local market town or port. The wealthier ones employed agricultural labourers called carters for the job using simple two-wheeled wains at first, then heavier four-wheeled waggons from the 16th century (Camp 1999-3).

What was an iron turner?

Iron Turner: a lathe operator who made items from iron. Copyright: Jane Hewitt. This dictionary is authorised for use on only. Iron Weigher: a foundry worker responsible for weighing iron products so they could be sold, usually by imperial tons.

What occupation was a brazier?

Brazier is an occupational surname of French origin, meaning “a worker in brass“. It is the anglicised version of the French surname Brasier.

What occupation is a Turner?

Turners are responsible for manufacturing metal components and assembling them to construct tools, industrial machinery, and machine components. Employed mainly in the metalworking industry, turners maintain equipment, take accurate measurements, assemble metal components, and polish finished components.

What is a cottager occupation?

A cottager (also called a Cotter, Cottar or Cottier) was an agricultural labourer who lived in a tied cottage on the landowners land.

What was a carman in 1881?

A carman was a delivery driver usually working for an employer.

What was a Cartman?

Cartman definition

Filters. (dated) A person who transports goods or people by horse and cart; a carman. noun. (New York) A private garbage collection and haulage worker or contractor. noun.

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