Deciding between two competing theories – who am I anyway?

What are the theories of decision-making?

There are two branches of decision theory – Normative Decision Theory and Optimal Decision Theory. There are three different types of uncertainty that can be found in decision-making theory –States, Consequences, and Actions.

What is normative decision theory?

Normative decision theory primarily concerns how an agent ought to choose when faced with some decision problem. We can think of a decision problem as consisting in a set of acts, each within the agent’s power to choose.

How do you choose between two hard decisions?

Here are five suggestions to help you make tough decisions:

  1. Look beyond the moment. …
  2. Evaluate a “head choice” versus a “heart choice” …
  3. Consider if you could you survive if disappointed. …
  4. Respect the effect and influence of others. …
  5. Go with what you know.

What is timeless decision theory?

Timeless decision theory (TDT) is a decision theory, developed by Eliezer Yudkowsky which, in slogan form, says that agents should decide as if they are determining the output of the abstract computation that they implement.

What is Herbert Simon decision-making theory?

The Simon Decision Making Theory is a framework that provides a more realistic view of the world, where decisions affect prices and outputs. The theorist argued that making a decision is making a choice between alternative courses of action. It can even mean choosing between action and non-action.

What is Simon’s decision-making theory?

Simon’s decision-making theory proposes the concept of bounded rationality, which means that people can make decisions within certain limitations. The theory focuses on psychological aspects and helps solve many unaddressed problems.

What is a prescriptive theory?

The nature of a statement that prescribes how things ought to be. A prescriptive theory is one that says how people or things should function, as opposed to how they actually do. See Descriptive (contrast).

What is autocratic decision making?

Autocratic decision making involves the leader maintaining control of and responsibility for the decision. As the collaborative leader you make and announce the decision without consulting the group. Advantages: Autocratic decisionmaking is fast. As the leader you do not ask for suggestions or ideas from the group.

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