Correct spelling of Austrian surname Wasmanski?

What is the most common last name in Austria?


Rank Surname Approximate percentage
1 Gruber 0.3991
2 Huber 0.3873
3 Bauer 0.3373
4 Wagner 0.3100

What nationality is the last name Austria?

Spanish: ethnic name for someone from Austria. Americanized or Latinized form of German Österreich(er) ‘Austria(n)’.

Is Austria a surname?

Austria is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alli Austria (born 1990), Filipino basketball player.

When did Germans adopt surnames?


In most of Germany, the practice of using surnames was well established by the 1500s. In 1790, Baden was the first German state to require fixed surnames. Preußen issued an edict on 11 March 1812 that required that permanent family names be adopted within six months.

What is an Austrian surname?

Most Common Last Names In Austria

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Gruber 39,157
2 Huber 37,825
3 Bauer 32,415
4 Wagner 30,232

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