Convert tellmeGen DNA file to FTDNA file or similar to upload it

Where can I upload tellmeGen data?

Go to the ⁠Upload Center at Choose the upload option under ‘Upload from My Computer’ and select the tellmeGen file that you recently downloaded to your computer. Click Upload. Your tellmeGen DNA file will be securely uploaded into your Sequencing account.

Can I upload my ancestry DNA results to 23andMe?

Simply put, uploading crime-scene DNA data into the 23andMe environment is not possible because we do not support the upload of DNA data that has been processed by a third-party laboratory.

Can I upload my ancestry DNA to other sites?

Some sites, like 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA, don’t allow you to transfer your DNA from anywhere else to their website, but you can always download your DNA and upload it to other sites who do allow transfers.

Can you upload DNA to tellmeGen?

At tellmeGen you can upload your Raw DNA Data to our platform for free from the main genetic companies such as 23andme, Ancestry, Myheritage, etc. If you upload your Raw Data file you will have access to the information provided by our tool, as well as lifetime (and free!) updates and all new features.

What can I do with my ancestry DNA results?

Upload Your Raw DNA to Gedmatch

  • One-to-Many (Find new DNA matches)
  • One-to-One (Examine how you are related to a particular match)
  • Admixture (alternative calculators for ethnicity)
  • Search for people who have family trees AND match your DNA.
  • Find people whose DNA matches both your and another person.

Can I upload raw DNA data to Ancestry?

Ancestry does not allow people to upload raw DNA data. The only way to access Ancestry’s information is to purchase a DNA test from them. After a person’s DNA has been tested, their DNA data file can be downloaded from Ancestry to use on other DNA sites such as GEDMatch and ⁠

Can you upload raw data from Ancestry to 23andMe?

For the first time ever, genetic testing company 23andMe is allowing individuals to upload raw DNA data in exchange for a free Ancestry Composition Report, cousin matching and some health reports.

Is 23andMe better than ancestry DNA?

Ancestry has a much larger customer database (20 million) than 23andMe (12 million) making it the better choice if you’re testing for genealogy. 23andMe has more advanced health testing, making it the better choice if you’re testing for health reasons.

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