Combining tree with external gedcom data

How do I merge GEDCOM files?

Then open the file in Family Tree Builder, and start importing the second project as GEDCOM file. 4. In one of the steps of the Wizard, you will be asked whether to import the GEDCOM as a new project or merge it with the one that is currently open. Chose ‘Merge into project XXXX’, and they will be merged.

How do I transfer data from one tree to another on ancestry com?

If you’re moving a tree from an account you own, sign in to the account that has the tree you want to move. If someone else is sending you the tree file from their account, skip to the uploading a tree section. From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and select the tree you’d like to transfer.

Can I upload my GEDCOM file to Ancestry?

GEDCOM is a universally-accepted file format for family tree files. To upload a GEDCOM file to Ancestry, your file must be 500 MB or smaller. GEDCOM files are text-only; pictures, charts, books, and similar items from an original file are not included in a GEDCOM.

Can I transfer my family tree from Ancestry to find my past?

Locate the tree file you previously downloaded from Ancestry or MyHeritage. Click on the file you want to import and you’ll see its title will appear next to the Choose file button. Click the Upload button. As your tree uploads to Findmypast, you’ll see the number of relatives increasing as they’re added to the site.

Can I combine 2 trees in Ancestry?

It’s not currently possible to merge trees on Ancestry®, but the topics below may make it easier to combine information. To merge duplicate people together, see Merging Duplicate People.

How do you combine family trees?

Steps (website)

  1. In Family Tree, display a person page.
  2. If the Details section is not displayed, click Details.
  3. In the Research Help section, click a Possible Duplicate message.
  4. Click Review Merge. …
  5. Decide if the records are about the same person. …
  6. Decide what information to keep. …
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Finish the merge:

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