Birthplace of Phillip Smith

Where is Phil Smith from?

Phil Smith (basketball)

Smith in 1975
Personal information
Born April 22, 1952 San Francisco, California
Died July 29, 2002 (aged 50) Escondido, California
Nationality American

Who was phillip Smith?

Philip Smith is a writer and producer at the company he launched in 2002, Great Southern Television

What kind of trumpet does Phil Smith play?

Phil Smith uses a C trumpet 99.9% of the time, so he was probably playing his Bach 229/25H C trumpet, with a 1C rim on a B underpart, full schmidt (I think) backbore. The Excerpts CD details the horns, mpcs (and even mutes if I recall correctly) used in the recording.

When did phil Smith retire?

Biography. Philip Smith joined the New York Philharmonic as Co-Principal Trumpet in 1978, became Principal Trumpet, The Paula Levin Chair, in 1988, and retired at the end of the 2013–14 season, after 36 years.

Why did Chris Martin leave Chicago?

Christopher Martin, the highly esteemed principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, is going to New York. Martin will join the New York Philharmonic as principal trumpet in September, the Philharmonic announced Thursday.

Where does Phil Smith teach trumpet?

the University of Georgia

Prokasy Professor of trumpet at the University of Georgia, where he will teach alongside Brandon Craswell.

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